A strong voice for our future

By Russell W. Boening
Texas Farm Bureau President

From drought to drenched.

In May, 13.5 trillion gallons of rain fell across Texas. Enough to cover the state in eight inches of water and setting the record for the wettest May in the Lone Star State.

The rain came in waves, testing the resolve of Texas farmers and ranchers. It flooded crops and pastures, tore down fences and destroyed roads. But it filled stock tanks, brought renewed life to drought-stricken land and replenished reservoirs.

A mixed blessing for Texans.

We can’t do much about the weather. Mother Nature is in control, and she doesn’t listen to our concerns.

But when it comes to leadership in the legislature, we do have a voice.

An influential voice that is 500,000 member-families strong. It’s yours, mine and our neighbors.

It stands for strong private property rights. An issue that resonates with us all.

We believe private property rights are worth fighting for and that any erosion of that right is unconstitutional.

Our voice stands for conserving water and for a government that efficiently and effectively uses our hard-earned dollars.

To do that, our membership and leadership must remain strong, dedicated and be well-connected.

Our many programs—Young Farmer & Rancher, AgLead, FarmLead and more—help encourage and nourish leadership. And they start at the local level. With you.

It’s how we ensure our grassroots voice is heard. The path to change begins with our membership—with folks at the county level willing to invest their time and effort.

The ground-up approach to policy development, local representation and statewide leadership is the model for progress and strength.

That’s how we grow and prosper for generations to come.

And folks like Representatives Kyle Kacal (R-College Station), DeWayne Burns (R-Cleburne) and Andrew Murr (R-Junction)—who are products of those leadership programs—champion our issues in the State Capitol.

They worked many hours for agriculture and landowners. Taking a stand for Texas agriculture and forging our future.

A future that’s directed by you. And one that requires your voice.

Phone calls, emails and social media campaigns. When we needed your action, you responded. Ready and willing to assist. To help make a difference.

Alone, we have little impact. Together, we can grow a strong future for Texas.

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