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Eminent domain reform, at last!

Texas Eminent DomainBy Kenneth Dierschke
Texas Farm Bureau

Congratulations, Texas. Eminent domain has been reformed!

Private property laws in the Lone Star State have entered the 21st Century. The take-it-or-leave-it attitude displayed by some condemning authorities will be replaced by good faith and cooperation.

It’s been a long time coming. Farm Bureau leaders and members in all 206 of our county organizations were major players in this high stakes game for many years.

Thanks to Gov. Perry for designating this issue as an emergency item, which paved the road for its smooth passage. Our appreciation goes to Gov. Perry for signing this important piece of private property rights legislation.

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Does your GCD support your Texas private property right to groundwater?

Texas groundwater rights by Billy B. BrownBy Billy B. Brown

Most landowners have a strong belief that they have a Texas private property right to the groundwater beneath their land.  They believe that the Rule of Capture gives them a property right to drill a well and pump groundwater for their use.  Unfortunately, this belief is being challenged at the Texas Supreme Court and the halls of the State Capitol.

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Texas Farm Bureau’s time is now

Kenneth Dierschke, President, Texas Farm BureauThe following excerpt is from President Kenneth Dierschke’s address to convention delegates during TFB’s 77th annual meeting Dec. 5 in Waco.
For the Texas Farm Bureau—for the people who grow our food—this is a crucial time.

It is a time of potential danger and enormous expectations, a time of great challenge and potential reward. It is a time to harvest that which has been sown by generations of our members and leaders. 

This is Texas Farm Bureau’s time—if we have the will to make it happen.

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Farmers running and winning The Amazing Race


Farmers running and winning the amazing race

By Mike Barnett 

My blogging partner Gene Hall and I have gained a reputation as “the angry dudes from Texas.”

We’re not afraid to address controversial issues in Texas Agriculture Talks. We tangle sometimes with those with whom we disagree. But angry? I prefer to call it edgy. Then again I’m looking at it from this side of the fence.

Today, however—for this blog at least—I’m going to mellow out. Not one angry word will slip from this keyboard.

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Farm girl observations: On the go but rolling slow

Texas Farm Bureau: Dakota Fleming

By Dakota Fleming

The time is fast approaching of hot days when people crowd in pools and lakes. The best movies come out and teenagers flock to see them first. Family vacations are planned and many pictures are taken and memories are made. For farmers and their families, it is the time of long work hours in the heat, harvesting crops. 

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