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Texas water rights are muddy at best

Texas Farm Bureau: Texas Water Rights

By Mike Barnett

“Water will become our most valuable asset—probably the most precious commodity we’ll have available in the next 50 years.” I heard that statement from a farmer the other night as I sat in on the Texas Farm Bureau District 8 Policy Development meeting. The discussion centered on the topic of Texas water rights with regard to underground water.

That comment is so true. The Texas population is expected to surge to 35 million in the next 30 years. Water will determine where that growth will occur, or if it will occur.

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GMO Crops – A farmer’s perspective

Billy Bob Brown, Texas Farm Bureau State Director District 1: Genetically Modified Organism Crops: A Texas farmer's perspective

By Billy Bob Brown
Texas Farm Bureau District 1 State Director

A little over 70 years ago, yours truly first saw the light of day in the Texas Panhandle.  I was born on the farm in the middle bedroom of the main house.  Back then you had front, middle and back bedrooms.  It was a little different than today but so are a lot of other things on the farm.

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Will EPA leave room for farmers and ranchers?

Texas Farm Bureau, Texas Agriculture, EPA, wildlife, E. coli, farmers, ranchers, water quality

Administrator’s Note: Today’s guest blogger is Lloyd Huggins, who moved back to ranch in his hometown of Hico after 20 years in the cattle business.
By Lloyd Huggins

Forty years ago when my family moved to Erath and Hamilton counties, there were almost no deer in the area. There were no wild turkeys. Like them or hate them, there were no wild hogs. At 14, I started deer hunting. I’d sit for hours and never see a thing. Since that time, wild animals have proliferated. Today, you may harvest multiple deer in a season in each county. Wild turkey are common. Hogs are overrunning us.

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A vote for private property rights

Special guest blogger for this Texas Agriculture Talks post is Texas Farm Bureau President Kenneth Dierschke.

By Kenneth Dierschke

Texas Farm Bureau: Vote for Private Property Rights

Texas voters will decide the fate of 11 constitutional amendments on Nov. 3. The last proposition on the ballot—Proposition 11—is the most important in a state which takes fierce pride in property ownership.

Passage of Proposition 11 will stop the government from taking private property from one person to give to another for his or her personal, economic gain.

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