Everyday stewardship on the farm

By Gary Joiner

I like green. It’s a color that epitomizes positive growth. Optimism.

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations across the country proudly showcase the color.

Green is also associated with environmental stewardship. And this week’s National Ag Day had a healthy shade of the color with its theme of Agriculture: Stewards of a Healthy Planet.

The stewardship reach and impact of our farmers and ranchers is nothing short of amazing.

Our state has 170 million acres of land. About 130 million acres of it is used in agriculture.

Those who work the land are on the front line of natural resource conservation. Their efforts are improving water quantity and quality, reducing soil erosion and providing cleaner air. New technology means farmers and ranchers are more environmentally friendly than ever before.

Farmers and ranchers are dedicated to feeding a growing world population. This dedication is equaled only by their commitment to protecting the land that makes it possible.

It’s ludicrous when some point to agriculture in countries such as Cuba as examples of what we should emulate. It won’t feed a hungry world. And it won’t protect and steward our natural resources.

Green is what you want on a financial balance sheet. It’s what we’re getting every day in environmental benefits from Texas farms and ranches.

Gary Joiner

Gary Joiner is the senior associate director of Public Relations for Texas Farm Bureau.

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