Fixer-uppers: 10 farm projects for rainy days

By Julie Tomascik

It’s wet. And getting wetter. The majority of Texas farmers and ranchers can’t do much right now. Rains have forced them inside, where lots of downtime and procrastinated projects await.

Because Texas farms and ranches are a gold mine of things that need fixin’.

Admit it, Texas farmers are notorious for putting off tomorrow what needs to be done today. Tough luck. It’s raining again. Tomorrow does come. Today!

And here’s 10 rainy day fixer-uppers…

10) Hose down the farm truck. Inside and out. It will give new mud something to stick to.

9) Fix the tractor air conditioner. Summer’s coming and your wife will appreciate it.

8) The leak in the barn. The one that’s dripping on your head. Patch it.

7) Water gaps. Better get to work. It will keep your neighbor’s bull out. And your cows in.

6) The squeaky shop door needs a little TLC mixed with some WD-40 and ingenuity. Should get ’er fixed right up!

5) Sharpen the lawn mower blade. The tall grass will be tough to cut.

4) Darn those tank dams. Grab a pair of mud boots and dig in. Don’t forget to catch the fish swimming away!

3) Receipts. Last minute purchases. Parts. All of those need to be organized.

2) Plug the hole in the canoe. You need some way to get to town.

And the number one thing that needs fixin’…

1) Relationships strained with the rain? Schedule a date night!

When the weather says “stop,” Texas farmers and ranchers don’t just call it quits. They’ll roll up their sleeves and keep on working—just on different projects.

It’s going to be wet for parts of Texas for a little while longer. But a sense of humor helps get through the rocky relationship with Mother Nature.

Julie Tomascik

Associate Editor
Texas Farm Bureau
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