Growing Texas sustainably

By Russell Boening
Texas Farm Bureau President

On the farm or in town, agriculture grows Texas. Sustainably.

From the fruit and vegetable farms in the Rio Grande Valley to the world’s largest cotton patch in the South Plains. Consider the nursery and landscape businesses in East Texas, combined with vast pastures in Central and West Texas. Farmers and ranchers are doing more with less.

They’re farming with an eye to the future. Texas’ future.

That’s sustainability, and it’s nothing new for farmers and ranchers. We’ve been doing it for five generations or more.

It isn’t an easy job. Farm and ranch families work many long hours, just like you. Except theirs are spent in the field, tractor cab or workshop. We can never forget that profit is the first element of sustainability.

But they also step beyond their fences to spend time in Austin and Washington, D.C. More than 150 Texas farmers and ranchers took to the nation’s capital this week. Speaking up for their way of life. For rural Texans.

The ballot box is an important focus of attention. Elections have consequences. We need strong voices in office who can represent modern agriculture in Austin and on Capitol Hill.

Preservation. Conservation. Nurturing the land. It’s what farmers and ranchers do every day.

We work in partnership with nature. We take care of the land and try to make the most with the fewest resources.

That’s the definition of sustainability.

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