Harvest rolling across Texas

By Gary Joiner

It’s been a year for the books. Torrential downpours. Sluggish markets. And drought creeping back in.

Stressful, no doubt. But farmers keep at it, and combines are rolling. Fields of corn and grain sorghum are coming out. The wave of harvest is at about its mid-point as it works its way from south to north.

It’s a critical time for Texas growers, and the culmination of a very difficult year. With several attempts and replants. Extra input costs that may or may not be recovered. Better than average yields is the hope. And, for many, breaking even on a crop is the goal this year.

But harvest is also a time of celebration, reaping months of work. Even when there are so many factors that farmers cannot control. They accept the gamble and do their best to swing the odds of a successful crop in their favor.

And they’re busy. Finishing one field, and moving to another. Traveling backroads and highways.

Harvest equipment, however, doesn’t move fast. Those combine headers and hoppers are traffic stoppers. And we’re all sharing the road with them.

Let’s be patient. What’s a few extra minutes of our time when you consider the months of hard work farmers have invested to reach harvest?

They gamble on a crop. Let’s not gamble on their lives.

And let’s hope the odds of harvest are ever in their favor.

Gary Joiner

Gary Joiner is the senior associate director of Public Relations for Texas Farm Bureau.

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