Investing in Texas beef

By Lee Brown

It’s not often we’re given the opportunity to directly decide the future of our industry. But next week, Texas cattlemen and women can do just that by voting in the Texas Beef Checkoff referendum.

No matter the size of the operation, we are facing many challenges—some of which are out of our control.

But here’s the chance for Texas beef producers to take charge, strengthen our industry and ensure a bright future for ourselves and the next generation of cattlemen.

National beef checkoff dollars are already working for us. They’ve built foreign trade, created demand, increased cattle value through research and educated beef producers like you and me.

After years of declining revenue, a state beef checkoff can pick up where the drought left off. We have fewer cows, numerous input costs and changing consumer preferences. The Texas Beef Checkoff will more aggressively promote our safe and healthy Texas beef.

The proposed program, which is as unique as Texas itself, will strengthen demand. And the decisions on how the money will be spent will be made by fellow Texans—ranchers and dairymen like you and me.

The additional dollar-per-head assessment also will confront misleading claims about our industry and livelihood. We incorporate Beef Quality Assurance practices and our checkoff dollars will effectively communicate that to consumers, increasing their confidence in Texas farmers and ranchers.

Research funded by the beef checkoff has added tremendous value to our industry. We’ve developed new cuts of beef—including lean and certified heart healthy—that consumers are demanding more of.

We’re already providing the safe, healthy and affordable beef and beef products that consumers want. The state checkoff will just establish Texas beef in the marketplace, stronger than before.

For more information on how to vote, visit or stop by your local AgriLife Extension office.

Let’s grow the Texas beef industry together. Vote ‘yes’ for the Texas Beef Checkoff June 2-6.
*Lee Brown is a small cow-calf rancher from Cleveland and represents Texas Farm Bureau District 11 on the Young Farmer & Rancher Advisory Committee.


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