It’s grassroots time!

By Billy Howe
State Legislative Director

As the final days of the 84th Session of the Texas Legislature come to a close, this is when your influence can have the greatest impact.

This is the time when a bill either lives or dies by a single action of the legislature because there isn’t time for a miraculous resurrection.

It is the time of session when our organization, with over 500,000 member families, can greatly influence the success or failure of legislation.

We are battling to protect groundwater rights, improve landowner protections under eminent domain, ensure farmers get paid for their crops and several other issues. Some of these issues are directed at our farmers and ranchers, but others impact every Texan.

Your legislative team must have your help to be successful. We will be sending Action Alerts via Voter Voice. We will be highlighting priority issues in Friday’s Austin Newsletter.

We will be TWEETING! Your job is to call, email or TWEET your state senator or representative.

Apathy on the part of many Texans makes your voice stronger than you can imagine.

Few Texans engage in the legislative process. It takes only a few constituent contacts on a bill for a legislator to think something “really big” is going on back home. So, don’t underestimate your influence. A handful of voters can have a big impact.

To receive Action Alerts, visit

To read the weekly Austin Newsletter, visit

And to follow your lobby team on Twitter, you can find me, Marissa and Mike by searching for: TFBAus_Billy, TFBAus_Marissa or TFBAus_Mike.

Let’s finish this session strong!

One Response to “It’s grassroots time!”

  1. Russell Boening says:

    Appreciate your comments Billy. I hope our members take this to heart and keep up the good work they have been doing this session. And thanks to our entire Austin team for the great work.

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