Kicking off Sunday with agriculture

By Gary Joiner

The biggest game of the year is just days away. About 115 million folks—myself included—will turn on the TV for Super Bowl 50.

The Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos will battle it out on the field.

But Texas chicken growers will be among the big winners Sunday. Because the food of choice for many is chicken wings. And a lot of them. More than 1.6 billion chicken wing portions will fly through the fingers of football fans across the country. That’s about 14 wings per viewer.

Texas grows more than 100 million chickens each year, ranking sixth in the nation. With neither the Cowboys nor Texans in the Super Bowl this year, at least there’s a little Lone Star flavor in the game. And it’s on the plate.

Some Super Bowl commercials have been the lasting memory of a few less-than-memorable games. Who can forget the 2013 “So God Made a Farmer” commercial by Dodge? Sentimental, inspiring and powerful. It ranked as one of that year’s top Super Bowl commercials.

The ad on Sunday better be worth it. A 30-second spot during the game is selling for as much as $5 million, according to CBS

Let’s hope there’s another commercial that captures the spirit of farmers and ranchers. Super Bowl Sunday is a great time to enjoy the bounty that is U.S. agriculture. For the 50th time.

Gary Joiner

Gary Joiner is the senior associate director of Public Relations for Texas Farm Bureau.

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