New addition to Texas Agriculture Talks

By Gary Joiner

Hello, I’m Gary Joiner. I’m the new Texas Farm Bureau (TFB) associate director of Public Relations – Strategic Communication.

Although I may not have had the pleasure of meeting you yet, I’m someone that you already know, in a sense. I’m part of the 98 percent of Americans who do not make their living growing food and fiber but have a profound appreciation and respect for those who do. Count me among the vast segment of our population who strongly trusts farmers and ranchers. I believe in the public values of private land stewardship, and I understand the critical importance of U.S. agriculture to our economy, national security and to our rural way of life.

I’m honored to ride for the TFB brand again. I had the pleasure of serving TFB members from 1988-2002, working in Public Relations and, later, in Legislative Affairs. I then traveled to the Pacific Northwest to serve Washington Farm Bureau members for six years as director of Member Relations and, later, as director of Organization. Most recently, I had the pleasure of serving Texas Wildlife Association members as their CEO for more than five years.

One lesson I’ve learned during my 25 years of professional experience is believe in what you do. A personal connection to the value of your professional work makes the work day not a job but, instead, a personal mission. It’s easy for me to make that connection here at the Texas Farm Bureau. I look forward everyday to telling the remarkable story of Texas farmers and ranchers.

It didn’t take long for me to see the pride of the personal TFB mission among volunteer leaders and professional staff. It’s a special organization. And I’m proud, once again, to be part of it!

Gary Joiner

Gary Joiner is the senior associate director of Public Relations for Texas Farm Bureau.

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  1. Robert Domitz says:

    Welcome to the party!!

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