By Ken Hodges

Having good, solid people seeking public office is more important now than ever before. Our local, state and national governments are faced with difficult decisions and limited resources to address complex issues. Texas Farm Bureau (TFB) wants to encourage and enable potential candidates to effectively communicate their message in the challenging environment of political campaigns. TFB is hosting their fourth “Campaign School” in Austin on Wednesday and Thursday, Sept. 14-15, 2011.

Texas Farm Bureau:Vote for Me

This campaign school effectively teaches the mechanics of running a successful campaign, focusing on the nuts and bolts of correctly organizing and orchestrating the process from start to finish.  The seminar is non-partisan and does not address issues, positions or philosophies. The school covers areas ranging from candidate self-evaluation, pre-announcement groundwork, raising money, hiring campaign staff, organizing volunteer leadership and workers, candidate responsibilities and discipline, evaluating potential voters, increasing support, turning out supporting voters, having a winning strategy and many others.

Cody Lyon of the American Farm Bureau Federation will be presenting the seminar, a service Farm Bureau has provided for over 25 years.  Since 2006, Cody has traveled extensively across the U.S. instructing hundreds of candidates, many of whom have won offices ranging from the local to the federal levels. These candidates readily attest to the effectiveness of the instructions provided by this school.

To encourage greater participation in the political and governing process, Farm Bureau provides this valuable school at a very reasonable price of $150 (discounted price for Farm Bureau members, as well as spouses or staff attending with the candidate).  Whether you leave the campaign determined to run for office, work for or participate in another candidate’s campaign, or just become more engaged in politics in general, the information provided by this school is well worth the expense.

Please visit the campaign school link to see additional information, and pass this information along to others you know may be interested.  Contact Ken Hodges at 254-751-8741 or for more information and to register for the school. Please respond soon because we will limit attendance to provide personal attention to the candidates and facilitate the interactive aspects of the school.

Ken Hodges is associate legislative director for the Texas Farm Bureau.

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