Private land conservation worthy of a star

By Gary Joiner

Private landowners make it happen in our state. Their efforts in habitat management and wildlife conservation, though, often go unrecognized. That’s alright. The stewardship ethic is strong. It doesn’t crave notoriety. Those who contribute every day to natural resource conservation and management do so because they love and respect the land.

Occasionally, we learn some of the stories of accomplishment. The spotlight is called the Lone Star Land Steward Awards. The program brings attention to the best of the best. They are farmers, ranchers, foresters and other land managers with exceptional achievements. This year features seven honorees from across the state. They join more than 200 landowners in the last 21 years who have been honored by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for conserving more than three million acres of fish and wildlife habitat.

We’re lucky to have these stewards. Private landowners are the key to effective habitat management in Texas. More than 94 percent of Texas land is privately-owned or operated. Without the hard work of those on the land, the ecological health of our state would suffer. Its natural resources would disappear. And our bountiful wildlife, so diverse and widespread, would decline.

The Lone Star Land Steward Awards highlight the best examples of sound management practices. Click here to learn more about each honoree.

Congratulations to each winner! And thank you for your contributions that benefit us all. Texas is unique. And the work of private landowners in our state continues to separate us from the rest.

Gary Joiner

Gary Joiner is the senior associate director of Public Relations for Texas Farm Bureau.

One Response to “Private land conservation worthy of a star”

  1. Philip Walker says:

    Gary, really enjoyed the article on Lone Star Awards. Thanks for taking the time to write it. I sat next to you at the Award Ceremony and enjoyed meeting you. Would
    Like to explore how 7 Oaks Ranch could work more closely with TFB……..guess we could start by joining! I will be educating myself more on TFB in the coming weeks. Are there any range restoration/wildlife conservation programs you partner on with private landowners? Regards, Philip

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