Texas Farm Bureau: Hard working Texas farmers and Texas ranchers

By Gene Hall
Though some folks object to the sophistication of modern farming and ranching, it’s a fact that the people of the land have adapted to new tools, like computers. Time at the keyboard is essential, in terms of marketing, gathering intelligence on how political decisions impact the farm and so on. But—when you get right down to it, farming is still about hard, honest, difficult and at times, dirty work.

The American Farm Bureau Federation wants its members to show America what that kind of work is like. 

Farm Bureau members all across the USA are encouraged to shoot and post to YouTube video examples of just how challenging and grungy farm and ranch work can sometimes be. Some of these videos will be shown on the big screen—in front of 5,000 fellow farmers and ranchers at the 2011 AFBF Annual Meeting, Jan. 9-11, in Atlanta.

It’s all part of AFBF’s “Farm/Ranch Families Work” video contest. The deadline for the contest is Dec. 29, 2010. Once members have their hard-work videos posted to YouTube, they need to do is send a link before the deadline date to the contest e-mail address: FBWORKS@fb.org.

The subject of hard work, showcased in Atlanta, matches nicely with the AFBF conventions’ keynote speaker Mike Rowe, host of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs program.

And if you’re not a Farm Bureau member, but still working on the farm, it still wouldn’t hurt to post your video. We’ve seen recently some videos of people who are not representative of the industry, doing things of which many of us would condemn. It’s a great idea to show how so many farmers and ranchers are “doing it right” every single day. Send the links to me at ghall@txfb.org.  I’ll include some of them in this blog.

The winning video submitted by a Farm Bureau member will be featured during the 2011 AFBF Annual Meeting Closing General Session, Monday, Jan. 10.

A full listing of the contest rules can be found at: http://fb.org/index.php?fuseaction=2011annual.contest

Visit the Texas Farm Bureau website at www.txfb.org .
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Gene Hall

Public Relations Director
Texas Farm Bureau
I believe that the only hope for a food secure world is capitalism and reasonable profits for America’s farm and ranch families–that the first element of sustainability is economic survival.
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