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Cap and trade – all pain, no gain for Texas agriculture

By Gene Hall

Texas Farm Bureau: Cap and Trade – All Pain, No Gain for Texas agriculture

Okay, all of you get it by now. I’m not in favor of the cap and trade climate legislation that passed the U.S. House and stalled in the Senate, despite enthusiastic support from the Obama Administration. Please let it stall forever. This is more than opposition to a minor inconvenience. This thing, folks, is a pending disaster. Wall Street loves it because it would give them a new market to manipulate, but our current economic situation is no time to impose the largest tax increase in the history of the planet. But while they happily trade carbon credits, the rest of us—including Texas consumers and Texas farmers and ranchers, are going to suffer.

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This is your grandfather’s global warming

Cold temperatures have gripped much of the Lone Star State this past week and in fact, much of the nation. A low of 8 degrees was recorded in Waco Saturday morning, where temperatures were below freezing for three days. The jury is still out on the hard freeze effects on sugar cane and citrus in the Rio Grande Valley. Miami, Florida suffered a freeze; Tampa, Florida had ice. A cold front that paralyzed this nation swept all the way through Cuba.
 Texas Farm Bureau:This is your grandfathers global warming
My niece in Nebraska reported the snow plows had quit running when temperatures plummeted with wind chill temps at -45 degrees. A friend in New Jersey is considering hibernation. Another friend in Iowa mentioned moving back to Texas where it is warm. I told him never mind. I reverse migrated and flew to Seattle, Washington this week, where it was a balmy 50 degrees, to miss the vicious chill in the Lone Star State.

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Fearless ag predictions for a new decade

By Mike Barnett

There’s a lot of controversy about when the new decade begins. Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself, but I believe it started on Jan. 1, 2010. If I wait until 2011 to make these fearless agricultural predictions for a new decade, I’ll be a year behind.

So as I gaze into my crystal ball, here’s what I see:

Texas Farm Bureau: Fearless ag predictions for a new decade

October 2010. Beef critic and country-western singer Carrie Underwood diagnosed with severe Vitamin B-12 deficiency. Now eats beef for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Cow burps and climate change; Let It Be, Paul McCartney

By Mike Barnett

I guess cow burps are big news. I’m seeing a lot more internet, newspaper and television coverage about gassy cows causing global warming.

Paul McCartney

Before we get started, let’s get a couple of things straight. Just as men sweat and women glisten, bulls burp, cows eruct. Just thought you ought to know the polite terms.

Even ex-Beatle Paul McCartney is moooooving in on the bovine debate, calling for “meatless Mondays” and for governments worldwide “to adjust their agriculture, development, environment and public health policies to reflect the role of livestock production in climate change.”

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Climate change: political issue or new religion?

I’ll say at the outset that I believe we should do everything we reasonably can to avoid emitting carbon or any other pollutant into the atmosphere.  I believe we should burn less fossil fuel.  This only makes good sense, and developing the technology to accomplish it would diminish our dependence on unreliable foreign oil.  But, do I believe we should hamstring our own economy in a futile quest to reduce global emissions while other nations do little or nothing?  Absolutely not.Texas Farm Bureau Climate Change

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