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Cap and trade legislation is economic suicide

By Gene Hall

Texas Farm Bureau: Cap and Trade Legislation is Economic Suicide

The number “60” is causing me to lose a bit of sleep.  That happens to be the number I wore on my scrawny back when I played football in my high school days. I had nightmares then of the coach yelling my number for screwing up and missing a tackle.

The number “60” is also causing nightmares now, but for a different reason. It’s the number of votes needed to bring a bill up for debate in the United States Senate.  As such, it represents the last chance to stop the economic suicide called “cap and trade.”  Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) introduced their bill in the Senate this week.  It does little but replicate the lunacy of the House-passed version.

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Betting the farm on climate change legislation

Texas Farm Bureau: Betting the farm on climate change legislation

Okay, so you like to gamble on agriculture. Farming and ranching is in your blood.

So here’s what you do. Sell your farm. Take the proceeds. Go to Vegas. Put everything on red. Spin the roulette wheel and hope for the best. Your odds are a heck of a lot better than winning with Waxman-Markey , the climate change bill narrowly adopted by the House and being considered by the Senate.

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