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Texas Animal Welfare: The ethics of livestock production—will you do what’s right?

By Mike BarnettTexas Cattle

When it comes to animal welfare, do you have an obligation to be your brother’s keeper?

I ran across a couple of situations last week that got me thinking. Now a guy with a blog who thinks is a dangerous commodity. But here we go anyway.

The first situation was a news story on local television about a starving herd of cattle in East Texas. The cattle were in pitiful shape—emaciated, hook and pin bones stretching the flesh, ribs showing. The report said 50 cattle in the herd were dead near a creek, ruining the water source for the rest of the herd. The authorities had stepped in and were loading the cattle that remained into trailers to be moved to another location. It was a black eye for the beef industry.

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Four activist movements are doomed to fail; Texas animal rights, agriculture industry, GMO foods and climate change are not lost!

By Mike Barnett

Animal Rights, Industrial Agriculture, Anti-GMO, Climate Changers

I’ve been accused of preaching a lot of doom and gloom lately. Seems both Gene Hall and I have been detailing the negatives on how the climate changers, animal rightists, “industrial agriculture” critics, the anti-GMO crowd and others are adversely affecting agriculture.

Hope for agriculture, I’m here to tell you, is not lost. The bad news is these activist groups are strong, well funded, very vocal and successful in promoting their agenda. The good news is they’re ultimately doomed to fail.

Here’s why:

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