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Five food truths consumers need to know

Texas Farm Bureau: Five food truths consumers need to knowBy Mike Barnett
The good thing about agriculture is there is no shortage of safe and affordable food for American consumers. The bad thing about agriculture is… Well, I’m hard put to say there’s anything bad about American agriculture…except maybe for some of the people who bite the hands that feed them.

That vocal minority likes to pick-pick-pick at the way our food is grown. The following may be inconvenient to their beliefs, but what better time than today—National Agriculture Day—to share five agriculture truths consumers need to know.

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Pesticides + endangered species + EPA is recipe for disaster

Texas Farm Bureau: Recipe for DisasterBy Mike Barnett

Take one scoop of endangered species, two pinches of pesticide and two cups of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), mix well and you have a recipe for disaster for Texas agriculture and America’s farmers and ranchers.

Two environmental groups are cooking up a bitter cake for farmers and ranchers as they have sued EPA in a challenge to the agency’s agricultural pesticide regulatory program.

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Agriculture’s image being chiseled away

Texas Farm BureauBy Mike Barnett

Chink. Chink. Chink.

Listen closely, farmers and ranchers. That’s the sound of your reputations being chiseled away.

Like a mason chipping stone, outside forces are shaping how agriculture is viewed today. Although the image of farmers and ranchers is still remarkable, it is being distorted by those who wish to dictate how you and I eat.

Chink. Chink. Chink.

Recent consumer research by a coalition of Midwest farm groups, including the Illinois Farm Bureau, confirms that farmers are still held in substantial esteem by the public. The same research, however, shows consumers have reduced trust in modern farming techniques and have profound doubts about how their food is produced.

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EPA wrong on proposed pesticide rule, if you get my drift

By Mike Barnett

Guess what? Fighting pests on the farm might become a lot harder.

Texas AgricultureThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants to change the way you spray pesticides. Changing the rules to correct a wrong is right. Changing the rules just to change the rules, or to satisfy the agenda of an unrelated group, is wrong. The unintended consequences can be a killer.

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The future – starvation or plenty?

Texas Farm Bureau: The Future—Starvation or Plenty

There will be more than 9 billion people on this planet in the year 2050. Can we feed them? I believe the answer is – yes we can. I also believe it’s possible that we might not be able to.

It’s possible, if not likely, that I will still be around to see the result of that question, at age 96. However, I have three sons and a soon to be born granddaughter that I expect will be among that number. So I have more than a passing interest in the potential of our food supply. We are doing some silly things in that regard. We are limiting our ability to produce food with foolish regulations, high taxes and a public mindset that seems determined to focus on the trivial.

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