Texas farmer advocates for ag

By Julie Tomascik

Turkeys, cows, kids and community activities. It’s a full load, but nothing Darrell Glaser can’t handle.

In fact, he prefers it that way.

His farm isn’t an 8-5 job with vacation and holidays. But it’s a family business he’s proud to be a part of. And a job he takes seriously.

Agriculture is in his blood. He has a master’s degree but chose to come back home to the family farm. He’s putting his college degrees to work, though, raising healthy turkeys and beef for you and me.

Darrell’s passion for agriculture has even garnered him a national spotlight. He’s one of five new Faces of Farming and Ranching. That means he’ll share his agriculture story with consumers across the nation.

He’ll answer questions about his family’s farm and ranch. They brood about 600,000 turkeys each year and maintain a cow herd of 200 mother cows.

That’s enough to keep any person busy.

But Darrell’s excited about the extra responsibility through Faces of Farming and Ranching and ready to connect with folks across the nation.

He wants to hear from you.

Take a look at Darrell’s farm in this video and get to know him better.


Julie Tomascik

Associate Editor
Texas Farm Bureau
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