The Time It Rained In July

By Mike Barnett

Mother Nature must be confused. That’s all I can figure out because it’s the middle of July and  I poured 4.75 inches of rain out of my gauge the last week and a half. That normally doesn’t happen unless we have a hurricane or tropical storm.

Now all parts of Texas aren’t getting the rain and even some places where it’s falling aren’t getting much. But then you go down to the Upper Coast around the Harris County area and they’re crying ‘Uncle.’ Some parts of South Texas were subject to flash flooding.

 Texas Rain

Still, rain in Texas in July is a wonderful thing, for the most part. My corner of Central Texas has been blessed.

Some corn and milo farmers might wish it would dry up so harvest may resume, but as one farmer friend told me on Facebook, “It’s hard to worry much about the hay to be raked, milo to be harvested or corn in the field when a good July 15 shower comes along. There’s more dry days than wet ones.”

Texas Milo

Some lamented the fact that rains came too late. Others got them at just the right time throughout the year to make a great crop.


After last year, hay producers were rejoicing. Many put out fertilizer last week in hopes of another cutting. Many made the right bet.

Texas Beef Cattle

And cattle and ranchers were in high heaven, as the rain started the long healing process on a drought ravaged land and allowed the grass to start growing again.

Is this just a temporary glitch in Mother Nature’s cycle? Probably. But the fresh smell of rain on a hot, summer afternoon is an overwhelming motivator. It makes farming and ranching fun again.

Texas rain in July

If you’re moisture short, I hope rain follows the road to your place. Texas agriculture still has a long way to travel out of this devastating drought. Let’s pray we all get there.

Mike Barnett

Director of Publications
Texas Farm Bureau
I’m a firm believer that farmers and ranchers will continue to meet the needs of a growing world population by employing equal measures of common sense, conservation and technology.
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11 Responses to “The Time It Rained In July”

  1. Dottye Maines says:

    We had 4.0 yesterday on our parched land. Tanks all full and running around. We are blessed.

  2. jo hansen says:

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures. you did great,jo

  3. Billy B. Brown says:

    Excellent piece Mike, I enjoyed the subject and the photos. Well done.

  4. Seems there is nothing better to a Texan than getting share stories about the rain.

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