Things I don’t believe

By Gene Hall

There is a certain level of frustration in writing about things that are pretty easily proven to be true and have folks lock down the all caps key to tell me – I DON’T BELIEVE THAT.  Fair enough.  There are things I don’t believe either.  Here’s the top 10 list.

10. I don’t believe everything I see on the Internet

9.  I don’t believe the level of regulations that can be forced on agriculture without severe consequences is unlimited

8.  I don’t believe that the public understands the issues surrounding their food supply (most admit it)

7.  I don’t believe that not knowing something stops some of us from having strong opinions on it

6.  I don’t believe anti-GMO activists know that their position has been pretty thoroughly discredited by science

5.  I don’t believe Monsanto is the devil incarnate…just a company….worse than some, better than some

4.  I don’t believe animals are mistreated on the overwhelming majority of America’s farms and ranches

3.  I don’t believe corporations force farmers to do anything

2.  I don’t believe that I should be afraid of the most remarkable food supply in the history of the planet

1.  I don’t believe that Chipotle cares that its Scarecrow video is complete nonsense

I do believe in the traditions and the promise of American agriculture–

all kinds, all sizes and all methods.  I also believe in the people of the land.

Gene Hall

Public Relations Director
Texas Farm Bureau
I believe that the only hope for a food secure world is capitalism and reasonable profits for America’s farm and ranch families–that the first element of sustainability is economic survival.
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2 Responses to “Things I don’t believe”

  1. Hope pragmatica says:

    Thanks for sharing your BELIEFS. 10 & 7 are my favorites.

  2. Coleburn Davis says:

    The only one that I disagree is #6. I think that most activists are very aware that an overwhelming volume of scientific literature exists that proves that GMOs are safe, and either 1) discredit said scientific research 2) claim that we need more research/better research/longer term research, or 3) don’t care because they have made up their minds and accepted the anti-GM religion.

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