Time to celebrate on Earth Day

By Gary Joiner

Earth Day is April 22. The effort actually began in 1970 as a “national day for the environment.”

The event now attracts more than one billion participants in some way. It’s the largest civic observance in the world. There are special activities and events here in Texas to commemorate the day.

The goal is to recognize the importance of protecting our natural resources. That’s a great goal. It’s a practice that farmers and ranchers honor every day.

It’s said that agriculture has a bigger impact on the planet than any other human activity. That’s true. And the impact, itself, is worthy of celebration. Farmers and ranchers are producing more food on less land, using fewer natural resources. This is nothing new. Some of our modern techniques drastically reduce the carbon footprint of agriculture. Our farmers have been protectors of our soil, water and air for a long time.

Farmers and ranchers live, work and raise their families on the land. Every day is an Earth Day in American agriculture.

They are the original environmentalists. A special day once a year is helpful to remind everyone about the importance of our natural resources. We are blessed as a nation to have those working the land. They do so with a remarkable stewardship ethic. It benefits us all. That’s cause for celebration and gratitude on Earth Day.


Gary Joiner

Gary Joiner is the senior associate director of Public Relations for Texas Farm Bureau.

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