Wildflowers in Texas: Road trip!

By Mike Barnett

A Florida friend asked me last week if I was going to take a road trip over the Easter weekend to see the Texas wildflowers.

There’s no prettier place than Texas in the spring, he said. And he’s right.

I was beginning to despair earlier in March. Cold, wet weather with nary a wildflower to be found.

Then I heard there was color in South Texas. Lots of color.

So I packed up last weekend and headed south of San Antonio.

And I found it. Colors of every hue. Covering the roadsides and the fields in a blanket of blaze.

 Texas Poppy wildflowers 2015

Just east of La Coste the show started. White and purple prickly poppies, their colorful heads nodding a friendly hello as I passed.


 Texas Wildflowers White Poppies

Just past Devine, on the road to Bigfoot, I found the first bluebonnets. White poppies with yellow and black centers added a startling contrast.


Texas Yucca

Down a side road were fields of yellow, mixed with purple. And a spiky yucca for depth. Beautiful.


 Texas Wildflowers, Poteet, Texas

Then, the find of the day. Headed into Poteet, I found the paintbrush. Acres and acres. Lush orange at their peak. Set against a brilliant blue sky. A true work of art!

On to Pleasanton and headed toward home.


 Texas Wildflowers

A patch of hot pink begged me to stop and enjoy.


 Texas Wildflowers Bluebonnets calf

And down the road, a baby basking in the sun.

What a day. The good Lord blessed the land with rain over the winter and early spring. And South Texas responded. I’ve never seen it so beautiful!

So what about the rest of Texas?


 Texas Bluebonnet wildflowers

On my trip south from Waco, I saw very few wildflowers. On the way home Sunday, bits of Bonny blue. Popping up all over!

Looks like a great wildflower year in Texas.

I’m going on another road trip this weekend. How about you?

Mike Barnett

Director of Publications
Texas Farm Bureau
I’m a firm believer that farmers and ranchers will continue to meet the needs of a growing world population by employing equal measures of common sense, conservation and technology.
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4 Responses to “Wildflowers in Texas: Road trip!”

  1. your photos are soooooo beautiful! I would like to get permission to paint from your photos. I do not want to sell them, just want the pleasure of painting from such lovely photos from places I can no longer travel to. I would happy to pay for the prints. Thank you in advance,
    Lynn McDaniel

  2. Love your pictures….took a friend around I wasn’t a good tour guy.. I laughed we were looking for flowers we found some, sadly we weren’t in the right place. We were looking for long horns, I told her I found your picture of bluebonnets and guess what was laying in them but longhorns. I told her we needed to check with you where the best place to go. tommie

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